I'm losing my favourite game

Yes, I do like that colour. The pictures look really beautiful, even if the motif is ugly. So why haven't I written anything earlier? Well, I spent this day with two of my older cousins at their place. We ate ice cream at a café just next to the sea, the view was just killing. Then we walked a bit in the city. My cousin bought a ticket for Hultsfred and I bought a case for my laptop. I decided not to publish a pciture of it today since it's very colourful and I just wanted the photos to be in this very colour.

We watched some TV. First a very ridiculous show and then a very insteresting programme about dolphins and apes! The apes on that programme had really good memory! Me and my cousin just sat there... it was incredible! Anyway, I've watched CSI Miami once today but I'm seeing another episode at midnight. Really looking forward to it!

Forgot to tell you, the first picture is my laptop where it is now. And the second is the clothes I bought yesterday. You can't see the colours though, haha. And then I just thought the stones were so beautiful I had to publish them once again, the colour is a bit different if you haven't noticed. Don't ask.

Postat av: Carro

i love that song, my favourite game :)

and why the hell are you writing in english? xD du fick mig att gör det med nu :S xD <33

2009-06-26 @ 10:00:03

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